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Posted on: July 27, 2009

I asked about Transtar shuttle on Tripadvisors, and I got this response: “We used Transtar shuttle when we visited Disney in March and we really liked it – I liked the fact that you don’t have to wait for the shuttle to fill up because your family is the only passengers – we called them when we were getting our bags and then stepped outside and waited about 10 minutes – straight to the hotel I’m not sure of the carseat situation but I would call – on the way home we dicided to leave on an earlier flight because I wasn’t feeling well – so I called and since it was just my husband and I (all other family members had already left for home) they picked us up in a towncar. So the flexibility they have is better – and you don’t have to make circles around the airport – or sit and wait for the van to fill up. Hope this helps.”


Hi there,
Yes I’m back (got home late last night, well…early this morning actually). We did use Transtar, it was a grey van that picked us up with car seats, they were clean and looked reasonable, they weren’t installed tight enough (in my opinion) so I re-installed them. Bob the driver was friendly and pointed out the area on the drive to the hotel, he charges $55 each way (car seats are free). The ride is only 25 minutes each way and the airport is so nice and small, everything there is quick and easy. It was really nice not to have to drag car seats around. We did have an amazing week at disney. Hope you enjoy your trip.

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